AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 hoursRemove underscores from class namesHEADmasterJonathan Schleifer
8 hoursRemove underscores from library & framework namesJonathan Schleifer
18 hoursbridge: Make -[OFException throw] OF_NO_RETURNJonathan Schleifer
18 hoursUse -ffreestanding for Amiga libraryJonathan Schleifer
19 hoursruntime: Fix sizeof(sizeof(...))Jonathan Schleifer
28 hoursOFApplication: Nullability fixJonathan Schleifer
31 hoursbridge: Improve static typesJonathan Schleifer
2019-05-19Use instead of sfdc for MorphOSJonathan Schleifer
2019-05-19configure: Fix killing OBJCFLAGSJonathan Schleifer
2019-05-18ofarc: Create output dir if missingJonathan Schleifer
2019-05-06OFXMLParserTests: Rename TAG_END to TAG_CLOSEJonathan Schleifer
2019-05-06OFTCPSocket: Work around missing EPROTOJonathan Schleifer
2019-05-06socket.h: Add typedefs missing on MorphOSJonathan Schleifer
2019-05-06runtime/linklib: Fix compilation on MorphOSJonathan Schleifer
2019-05-05configure: Don't use -pipe on MorphOSJonathan Schleifer
2019-05-05Create separate Amiga libraries for OS3 & MorphOSJonathan Schleifer
2019-05-01.travis.yml: Re-enable Amiga as amiga-gcc is fixedJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-23OFSystemInfo: Add +[CPUModel]Jonathan Schleifer
2019-04-22OFString_UTF8: Improved range checksJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-22OFSystemInfo: AltiVec detection for AmigaOS 4Jonathan Schleifer
2019-04-21.travis.yml: Disable Amiga till amiga-gcc is fixedJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-21runtime: Fix missing _t suffix in typesJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-21Fix compilation on AmigaOS 4 with 53.30 SDKJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-20objfw-config: Rename package_{description->format}Jonathan Schleifer
2019-04-17OFURLHandler_file: Fix #ifdef inconsistencyJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-15Use GetFileAttributesExW() instead of _wstat64()Jonathan Schleifer
2019-04-14OFFileManager: Only open dos.library if HAVE_FILESJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-14Use more constJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-14runtime: Match Apple's +[initialize] behaviorJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-14OFStringTests: Fix a new Clang warningJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-11Make OFFileManager available with --disable-filesJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-10Use GetFileAttributesW() to see if a file existsJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-08configure: Add a hack on DJGPP to find some toolsJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-08OFXMLParser: Minor style improvementJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-08Adjust createDirectoryAtURL: to new path handlingJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-08Add -[OFMutableURL appendPathComponent:]Jonathan Schleifer
2019-04-08Improve file URL path handling on Windows/DOSJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-07Improve -[OFURL pathComponents]Jonathan Schleifer
2019-04-06Improve path handling on Windows/DOSJonathan Schleifer
2019-04-02OFURLHandler_file: Fix leaked find handle on Win32Jonathan Schleifer
2019-03-25tests: Use dot syntaxJonathan Schleifer
2019-03-24Add support for UNC paths on WindowsJonathan Schleifer
2019-03-24Derive of_std{in,out,err} from std{in,out,err}Jonathan Schleifer
2019-03-23Add -[valueForKeyPath:] / -[setValue:forKeyPath:]Jonathan Schleifer
2019-03-23ofhash: Add language dir before parsing optionsJonathan Schleifer
2019-03-22ofhash: Allow calculating multiple hashes at onceJonathan Schleifer
2019-03-20Force inline tryReadBits and of_huffman_tree_walkJonathan Schleifer
2019-03-19OFHTTPClient: Compare port using -[isEqual:]Jonathan Schleifer
2019-03-19OFTCPSocket: Properly close socket on errorJonathan Schleifer
2019-03-19ofhttp: Parse unquoted Content-DispositionJonathan Schleifer