AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 min.ofhttp: Only print HEAD request for -O with -vHEADmasterJonathan Schleifer
46 hoursAdd -[OFASN1Boolean DEREncodedValue]Jonathan Schleifer
2 daysNaming consistency for 2 forgotten structsJonathan Schleifer
5 daysOFURLHandler_file: Fix accidental autoreleaseJonathan Schleifer
6 daysUpdate to Unicode 12.0Jonathan Schleifer
6 daysgenerators: Use dot syntaxJonathan Schleifer
6 daysutils: Use dot syntaxJonathan Schleifer
6 daysOFCryptoHash: Add property for digest / block sizeJonathan Schleifer
6 daysOFHTTPRequest: Note that remoteAddress is copiedJonathan Schleifer
6 daysOFDate: Avoid property access in OF_BSWAP64_IF_LEJonathan Schleifer
9 daysSeveral minor fixesJonathan Schleifer
11 daysUse dot syntaxJonathan Schleifer
2019-03-03OFHTTPServer: Support for using multiple threadsJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-24OFMutableURL: Add -[standardizePath]Jonathan Schleifer
2019-02-24OFURL: Fix missing copy in -[mutableCopy]Jonathan Schleifer
2019-02-24runtime/linklib: Add missing methods from arc.mJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-18Replace a few movdqa with movapsJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-18invocation: Make all offsets constantsJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-17tests: Only import ObjFW.hJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-17OFWindowsRegistryKey: Add write supportJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-17runtime/linklib: Use CONSTRUCTOR_P on MorphOSJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-11OFWindowsRegistryKey: Support for binary valuesJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-09OFASN1*: Add designated initializerJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-07More style improvementsJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-07More style improvementsJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-07Make style consistent between ObjFW and ObjFW_RTJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-03Move a few URL methods from OFString to OFURLJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-03OFURL: Do not normalize in init with relative URLJonathan Schleifer Add a table of contentsJonathan Schleifer Add instructions for writing an appJonathan Schleifer Add instructions for more platformsJonathan Schleifer
2019-02-03Merge into README.mdJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-27objfw-compile: Properly create .bundlesJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-27Work around buggy thread_local on AIXJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-27atomic.h: Don't use assembly implementation on AIXJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-27platform.h: Add AIXJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-27OFDNSResourceRecord: Conform to OFCopyingJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-23objfw-config: Use . instead of sourceJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-20objfw-config: Clean up output of flagsJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-20objfw-config: Change packages format and locationJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-17class_registerAlias_np(): Acquire the global mutexJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-14objfw-compile: Add support for --packageJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-12objfw-config: Add support for packagesJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-07Partially fix sockets on Nintendo 3DS/WiiJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-03Update copyrightJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-03OFDNSResolver: Call back from correct runLoopModeJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-28ofhttp: Allow reading /etc/ssl from the sandboxJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-22Make GCC happyJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-22OFDNSResolver: Use a delegate for async operationsJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-21Remove context from OFHTTPClientDelegateJonathan Schleifer