AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysobjfw-config: Clean up output of flagsHEADmasterJonathan Schleifer
3 daysobjfw-config: Change packages format and locationJonathan Schleifer
6 daysclass_registerAlias_np(): Acquire the global mutexJonathan Schleifer
9 daysobjfw-compile: Add support for --packageJonathan Schleifer
11 daysobjfw-config: Add support for packagesJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-07Partially fix sockets on Nintendo 3DS/WiiJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-03Update copyrightJonathan Schleifer
2019-01-03OFDNSResolver: Call back from correct runLoopModeJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-28ofhttp: Allow reading /etc/ssl from the sandboxJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-22Make GCC happyJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-22OFDNSResolver: Use a delegate for async operationsJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-21Remove context from OFHTTPClientDelegateJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-18Use OFData instead of a buffer for async UDP sendsJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-18OFHTTPClient: Fix type mismatchJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-18Slightly decrease binary sizeJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-18Add -[OFStream asyncWriteString:]Jonathan Schleifer
2018-12-18Use OFData instead of a buffer for async writesJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-11Include an exception in delegate methodsJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-08Minor fix for OFDNSResolver and OFRunLoopJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-08OFUDPSocket: Use a delegate for async operationsJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-08OFTLSSocketDelegate: Inherit OFTCPSocketDelegateJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-08Separate error methods for async method delegatesJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-08OFTCPSocket: Use a delegate for async operationsJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-07OFStream: Use a delegate for async operationsJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-02OFSystemInfo: Work around GCC picking ebx for "=r"Jonathan Schleifer
2018-12-01ofarc: Fix a typoJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-01huffman_tree.m: Do not limit codes to 15 bitJonathan Schleifer
2018-12-01ObjFW.h: Fix unicode.h importJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-26invocation: Add a shared header for some definesJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-26OFInvocation: Fix void returnJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-24Fix compilation with --disable-unicode-tablesJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-18OFDNSResolver: Make sure queries live long enoughJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-17Various minor style improvementsJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-17OFEnumerator: Make allObjects a methodJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-17Improve property name consistencyJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-11OFApplication: Disallow using a different sandboxJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-11OFSandbox: Avoid unveiling already unveiled pathsJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-10Update buildsysJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-10OFHTTPServer: Add support for TLSJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-04ofhttp: Use OFSandbox's new unveilingJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-04ofhash: Use OFSandbox's new unveilingJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-04OFSecureData: Add support for preallocating memoryJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-04Sandbox ofdnsJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-04ofarc: Use OFSandbox's new unveilingJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-04OFSandbox: Add support for unveil()Jonathan Schleifer Use automake 1.16 on OpenBSDJonathan Schleifer
2018-11-02objfw-config: Improve helpJonathan Schleifer
2018-10-28Use .init_array instead of .ctors on SolarisJonathan Schleifer
2018-10-28Fix compilation on OpenIndianaJonathan Schleifer
2018-10-28Only use dllexport when we have no shared libraryJonathan Schleifer